the man who sold the world (essay)

Mobil Mod24 Mayıs 2018 tarihinde Hakkı Cengiz yazmıştır.

exactly that.. I sold my smile for fuckin hope, I was taken to the own hell by the shape while she is smiling. While trying to be better, who could know that just mean “to be worse”?

Im like a broken umbrella on a bloody rainy day. The rain which you can take difficulty home yourself. Yes, I know Im speaking/texting every sentence like #hashtag, Once you have a lot of remembrance, you can’t just get rid of these things easily.

Im not the man who can live every day standart and same, never used/lived it. Now I have to explode, I have to broke every people who didn’t help me to go out from that shit until today. I should throw the shells on me.

Am I speaking chinese ? The thing which make me alive was instant life, carpe diem. Life without plans, without fear, without fear losing etc.. I guess Im speaking chinese 🙂 Because even if I write a novel -full of my life-, there is people who cant get it.

I will take a deeply breath. fuck yeah

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I know it’s hard to comprehend but there will be days that you DON’T GIVE A SINGLE FUCK about any romantic relationship. Your whole being is more rational than your conscious mind and will do the necessary changes in time. So stop whining and get to work.
Cheers. Machodolar

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